Author Topic: The Introvert Advantage: about Information Overload and mind going blank  (Read 3402 times)


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I have a question in the book, The Introvert Advantage, about in the topic "Nurturing Space" in Chapter 9. My question is this: What would I do if I don't want to process the stimuli I take in because that only worry or bother or irritate me and I want to forget it? Will I experience information overload or my mind going blank or congested if I do that? What is the best way to do when facing this situation?


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Check this out

This has been of great help to me.

When we're caught up in a thought our eyes are not focused as we try to look inside at the projection of the thought inside our minds.

When we focus our eyes on an object and process the thoughts that go along with the object it interrupts the inner thinking.

I now think of uncomfortable thoughts, even when real, like the neighbors dogs barking, as advertisements that I don't want to pay attention to.

By looking at the smoke detector on the ceiling and thinking about how it was made, installed and functions I've changed the station so to speak.

Hope this helps.