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martiLaney.com » Being an Introvert


Enjoy time alone
Consider only deep relationships as friends
Feel drained after outside activities, even if they were fun
Are good listeners
Appear calm and self-contained
Think then speak or act


Like to be in the thick of things
Relish variety
Know lots of people, considers lots of people friends
Enjoy chit-chatting, even to strangers
Feel stoked after activity
Speak or act then think OR think while speaking

Being an Introvert

We all use both our introverted and extroverted skills, but we are hard wired to be more one than the other. Look at the lists below and determine which one feels more like YOU! 

Not every aspect will fit exactly for you because we are all unique. If you don’t feel like you fit one side more than the other, even by 51% to 49%, then ask yourself this question: If there is an emergency do you tend to stand still and feel somewhat shutdown or in slow motion? If you have a standstill reaction to stress more often, then you are probably an introvert. In a crisis do you tend to move your body immediately and feel like taking action, maybe without pausing to think? Then you are probably an extrovert if you react with movement. Under stress we can experience our innate temperament. Look over the two lists and think about how you ARE, not as you’d like to be. If your still uncertain, as a last ditch effort, ask someone you trust and who is honest to read these and suggest which one sounds more like you.

Self Assessment for Introverts

Top 10 Advantages Introverts Possess:

10) Work Well With Others, Especially In One-to-One Relationships

9) Maintain Long-Term Friendships

8) Flexible

7) Independent

6) Strong Ability To Concentrate

5) Self-Reflective

4) Responsible

3) Creative, Out-of-the-Box thinking

2) Analytical Skills That Integrate Complexity

1) Studious and Smart

Top 10 Misconceptions About Introverts:

10) Party Poopers

9) Unfriendly

8) Nerds

7) Lacking Social Skills

6) Won't Talk

5) Don't Like People

4) Withdrawn

3) Loner

2) Shy

1) Hermit

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Featured in Parent Map MagazineMarti is featured in a recent ParentMap magazine article, "Quiet Kids: How to Nurture Your Introverted Child," by Laura Mackenzie.