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Reflection on the Election: Hey, Innies in the White House!

Written by Marti on May 22nd, 2009. Posted in Famous Innies

In February 2008, Slate.com ran an article about the Presidential Cast of Characters and their Myers-Briggs Types, written by Emily Yoffe. Ms. Yoffe is not trained in the Myers-Briggs Inventory but she “typed” them anyway. I thought her guesses were mainly off base, especially about innie’s and outie’s. However, I was surprised to find that even Myers-Briggs websites assume that most politicians are extroverted. In the last newsletter, I made my own candidate guesses. It’s interesting to re-read them in hindsight. I have added Mrs. Palin and Vice President, Joe Biden, as they hadn’t been selected when the articles were written.
I agreed with Ms. Yoffe, who guessed Hillary Clinton was an ESTJ (Taking Care of Business). ESTJ’s take no prisoners.

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